Sitting skiing fun for all types of disabilities

Snowskut’s stand-alone Xbifree 2 has been developed to enable all people with lower limb disabilities to ski sitting down with confidence, pleasure and safety.

It is a comfortable, manoeuvrable chair that is perfectly suited to skiing on any slope and at any level.
Thanks to its latest generation chassis and horizontal shock absorber, this chair is stable, safe and really efficient.

Alone or with others, the Xbifree from Snowskut will satisfy you during your next runs on the snowy slopes.

Stand-alone “XBIFREE 2” model

  • Teenager and adult model.
  • Carbon fibre seat (10 sizes available).
  • Hull equipped with anti-decubitus memory foam.
  • Adjustable footrest with 2 positions.
  • Unlocking button for access to chairlifts.
  • Colour: Black and blue.
  • 2 years warranty.
xbifree de côté avec les 2 skis parallèles
xbifree sur le coté droit et quarts sur 2 skis parallèles
xbifree face avant sur 2 skis parallèles
xbifree sur le coté gauche et quarts sur 2 skis parallèles


  • Steel and aluminium frame.
  • Anodised aluminium paint.
  • Horizontal shock absorber: Delcamp Energie.
  • Compatible shoe that respects the safety bindings.
  • Total weight of the machine (excluding skis and bindings): 20 kg.
  • Maximum authorised weight of the skier: 150 kg.


  • Ski level: beginner to competitive.
  • Solo model (without accompanying pilot).
  • Approval number: AVMH-787-11-A.
  • Spare parts available for 7 years after purchase.

Xbifree 2 price:
4900 € (without hull) & 6300 € (whith hull)

icône information sur les options du xbifree

For information:

Skis, bindings, runners and ski lift release are optional. You can of course adapt a wide range of skis and bindings available on the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact Snowskut’s customer service to get all the information and advice you need to choose your chair and ski equipment.

They discovered stand-up skiing thanks to the Xbifree!

As a lifelong skier, I have been looking for ways to ski sitting down with my double handicap, my weight and my pathology. My beginnings in a monoski chair were laborious but the discovery of the Xbifree was a revelation. It was quick and easy to learn. Well thought out and adapted to my needs, this chair is stable with good support. It is very easy to handle, easy to use to take the lifts. I would recommend it to beginners as well as to competitors


My discovery of seated skiing and its learning are linked to the Xbifree because I learned directly on this chair.
Its stability and ease of handling made it easy for me to learn. Today, it is a real pleasure to be able to ski with my husband and children. I really recommend it.

See you soon on the slopes.


I have been skiing from a seated position for many years with the Xbifree chair, because it has allowed me to rediscover the pleasure of skiing as it is so comfortable, easy to handle and stable when I go down the slopes in Savoie. The button system to lift the chair and take the chairlift at the start and at the finish is essential and well thought out. Also, the system for taking the ski lift is very similar to the one used by able-bodied people, so very practical. I recommend the Xbifree.