Our solutions and equipment to enjoy your winter sports in complete freedom!

Snowskut makes the pleasure of skiing accessible to as many people as possible with its ski equipment designed and dedicated to people with reduced mobility or with a physical, mental or sensory disability.

duo en gotoski sur la piste de ski

The Gotoski for accompanied standing skiing

personne prenant un cours de ski en fauteuil xbifree autonome

The Xbifree 2 for independent sit-skiing

The story of a passionate person at the service of the disabled

Skier, ski instructor and then high-level trainer, Marc Gostoli discovered the world of Handiskiing in 1985 and began designing his first chairs for seated skiing. His objective is to allow all people suffering from a physical, mental or sensory handicap to experience the thrill of skiing.

While developing new systems, Marc opened the first exclusive European ski school for the disabled in 1995. Two years later, it was the turn of the “Antenne Handicap” association to open its doors at La Plagne in order to accompany and offer all its members adapted ski equipment, such as the Gotoski for skiing in a standing position and the Xbifree, the chair for seated skiing

From 2008, the GM System company develops and markets new machines and becomes Snowskut in 2019 by integrating the social responsibility of Delta Drone companies.
Today, our inventor is pleased to see that winter sports resorts have really adapted to welcome and make their ski areas accessible to people with disabilities.

marc gostoli présente la gotoski avec le journaliste de france 3

Today, our inventor is pleased to see that winter sports resorts have really adapted to welcome and make their ski areas accessible to people with disabilities. To this day, Marc continues his adventure and it is still in his Ardéchois workshop, in France, that he designs, manufactures, assembles and tests all his machines before they are marketed throughout Europe. All the equipment developed by Snowskut is designed for different types of disabilities. It allows you to have the same sensations on the slopes as those experienced by able-bodied people.

They discovered stand-up skiing thanks to the Gotoski!

I have Cerebral Palsy and I discovered twelve years ago that I could ski standing up thanks to the Gotoski. The first few days were terrible because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to keep my balance. As I went down the slopes, I appreciated the pleasure of standing up and skiing like everyone else.
After my sessions I could feel the therapeutic benefits and my posture changed, my tone increased and my balance improved with the Gotoski.


Lightning made me a triple amputee and I thought I had to ski sitting down. When I was offered the chance to try stand-up skiing with a Gotoski, I couldn’t imagine skiing alone on my own pair of skis. After a week of skiing for three hours a day the miracle happened.
I am as good as I was before on my skis and the pleasure is enormous. It’s a great tool to gain confidence and rediscover the joy of skiing. Thank you to the whole team and to the inventor.


My son is autistic and it is very difficult for him to stay focused and understand what he is being asked to do. The Gotoski was a real revelation for him.
Tears of joy rolled down his dad’s cheeks as well as his sister’s when they could ski together.
Today, his daddy takes him down the slopes, we ski as a family in the whole La PLAGNE area for our great pleasure.
What a great invention.

Jolane Mom