The Gotoski,
for access to stand-up skiing for all!

What exactly is a Gotoski?

The Gotoski is a unique and patented machine that looks like a scooter on two skis.

It is an innovative and exclusive French invention that required more than 2000 hours of work to design and uses the best materials to ensure its performance and safety.

In practice, the Gotoski allows people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities to ski standing up with an attendant or independently, whatever their level of skiing.

Snowskut offers 2 models of Gotoski, the “Standard” and the “Synchro”.

une femme et son formateur au cours d'une descente sportive en gotoski

Who is this machine for?

The Gotoski has been created to be used by a wide public because it is not necessary to know how to walk to use it!

It is a complete and reliable machine that can be used by a wide range of people, regardless of their disability. More specifically, the Gotoski is suitable and recommended for people with a physical disability who walk, but also for those who can stand and have some mobility in their upper limbs.

If you are disabled and can stand for at least 30 seconds, then you can ski with the Gotoski with an assistant at your side to get as close as possible to the sensations experienced by able-bodied people!

Then, once you are confident with the machine, you can even enjoy your hobby independently and ski down the slopes with pleasure and success.

But that’s not all, this equipment is also designed to teach able-bodied beginners to ski downhill before switching to standard skiing or when traditional skiing is not suitable or even impossible.

Also, the Gotoski is very popular with competitive skiers who want to improve and refine their skiing technique in order to perfect their skills.

How does the Gotoski work?

First of all, the Gotoski has been designed to make full use of the technology of the equipment. It works thanks to an ingenious articulated system that reproduces the 8 necessary and essential movements for skiing in complete safety.

These 8 available and essential positions offered by the Gotoski allow the person on the skis to keep their balance and restore the load. In this way, foot faults are avoided!

In fact, the hands control the feet with the help of the handlebars, which are connected to a central mast and fixed to the frame. This way, the unit can be tilted effortlessly to turn left or right and glide naturally along the track.

Do I need to take a training course?

Yes, a one-day training course is highly recommended to learn how to use the Gotoski perfectly. A team of Snowskut-approved trainers will accompany you as you learn to use and master the machine on all types of slopes. Furthermore, the equipment is guaranteed for 3 years instead of 2 years if you order the training with the Gotoski. Do not hesitate to contact Snowskut for more information.

Snowskut offers 2 models of Gotoski to ski standing up!

The Gotoski Standard

2 sizes: Junior & Adult

The standard model is perfect to learn how to ski standing up alone or accompanied. Its patented mechanism and its 8 independent movements allow you to learn to ski by perception. This way, you can manage your feet with your hands!

The Gotoski Synchro

3 sizes: Baby, Junior & Adult

Thanks to its new innovative mechanism, this model facilitates the synchronisation of the 8 movements. It is designed for people with a pathology and a more restricted mobility than the Gotoski Standard. The Baby Synchro model is designed for very young children with the possibility of adding a second handlebar at the back of the Gotoski for the accompanying person.

Snowskut advises you when ordering in order to choose the model best suited to your level of skiing, as well as your handicap.

un enfant prend un cours en gotoski avec son moniteur

Gotoski Baby

  • Model for toddlers from the age of 3 to discover and learn alpine skiing.
un jeune garçon en train de skier en gotoski

Gotoski Junior

  • Model adapted to children from 7 to 14 years old to have fun on the slopes.
une femme adulte descend la piste en gotoski avec son formateur

Gotoski Adult

  • This model is designed for and available to a wide range of people from the age of 14.

Innovative and patented

Stand-up skiing for all

Made in France

In our Ardéchois workshop

2 years warranty

+ 1 year with training

Access to all the slopes

And ski lifts

Approved machine

Number: AVMH-794-18-A

Can we set up a therapeutic Programme?

Yes, of course and it is even recommended by its inventor Marc Gostoli, because skiing standing up with the Gotoski is a real alternative to sitting down.

In concrete terms, when you are standing on the machine with the handlebars supporting you, everything is different. From the very first descents, people quickly feel the vibrations generated by skiing on the snow, the body is stimulated, which releases the tensions linked to the sitting position.

Then, once you have regained your balance and confidence, you can ski for 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon to discover or rediscover all the good sensations of alpine skiing.

In fact, many testimonials confirm that skiing with the Gotoski is really good for your morale and your body.
It is an invigorating and rewarding physical activity that is suitable for many types of disabilities thanks to the 2 versions that Snowskut offers.

On which ski slopes can I ski with the Gotoski?

The Gotoski is approved. This means that you can fully enjoy the joys of skiing and ski on all the green, blue, red and black slopes, and even practice off-piste skiing, provided that you are accompanied by a mountain guide.

Which ski lifts can be used?

Many winter sports resorts in France and Europe have adapted their infrastructure to make their ski area accessible to all.
You can use most of the ski lifts with the Gotoski, in particular the numerous chairlifts.


Discover this unique and powerful machine!