ABOUT Snowskut

Our mission

To offer you the best equipment and the most adapted technology for Handiskiing, whatever your handicap.
Snowskut offers you the Gotoski Standard or Synchro to ski standing up alone or accompanied, as well as the Xbifree Solo, its autonomous chair to ski sitting down in total freedom.

This is how it all started!

Marc Gostoli has been an experienced competitor since his early years, but he is also an inventor at heart.

As early as 1985, he started designing and developing his first wheelchairs to share the joys of seated skiing with people suffering from a severe handicap.

In 1994, he trained and prepared several professional Handiski skiers to participate in the Lillehammer Paralympic Games in Norway. The results were very positive!

  • Ludovic Rey-Robert – Two gold medals.
  • Alain Marguerettaz – Two silver medals.
  • Stéphanie Richer – Two bronze medals.

In 1995, the first European ski school dedicated exclusively to the disabled was created.

In 1997, the “Antenne Handicap” association was created with the aim of facilitating the learning and practice of skiing for people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities.

In 1999, development and creation of the GMS chair for people with severe disabilities.

In 2001, design and creation of the Xbifree. This wheelchair allows autonomous people to ski while seated.

In 2002, the Trottiski was born, and in 2011 it was renamed the Gotoski. This snow scooter is unique, patented and approved. It is an alternative to sit-skiing as it allows disabled people or able-bodied beginners to ski standing up with an attendant or independently.

In 2007, arrival of the Basseboard, for the practice of Snowboard.

In 2008, creation of the GM System company, whose objective is to develop and market new machines.

In 2019, GM System becomes Snowskut and integrates Delta Drone’s corporate social responsibility with the desire to open up access to its machines, manufactured and assembled in its Ardéchois workshop in France, to as many people as possible.

In 2020, the Xbifree chair will be improved to become the Xbifree 2 in order to offer a chair that is as efficient and safe as ever.

In 2021, Snowskut is redesigning its multilingual website.

Discover the avantages of our equipment!

The Gotoski for standing skiing

2 models to choose from: Standard or Synchro.

The Xbifree 2 for seated skiing

An autonomous and easy to handle chair.